Get your questions answered about BC's up-and-coming health innovation hub

How is PHIX an innovation catalyst to existing health care and research organizations?

PHIX will ‘connect the dots’ for clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs in BC to facilitate the adoption of innovation into the health care system.

PHIX will serve as a catalyst, providing a common entry point for industry or university-based researchers to access facilities and technology to test and prove their innovation in real-world applications.

When will PHIX be up and running?

PHIX is already working to connect innovators and health care providers, create a pathway for testing innovations and improve the adoption of new solutions in our health care system.

The process of building the PHIX Innovation Hub has just started with an application for infrastructure funding from the BC and federal governments.

We hope to have the rezoning process complete by 2018. Construction is slated to start in 2018 and could take until the end of 2020 to complete.

How does PHIX align with government priorities?

Federal Government — Two of the federal government’s current priorities are innovation and commercialization, which PHIX will help meet by accelerating the adoption of innovation into the health care system and facilitating commercial partnerships.

Provincial Government — The BC Government has stated its commitment to become a world leader in research and cutting-edge technology, while having specifically outlined the importance of strengthening our province’s health sector.

Local Government — A priority of the City of Vancouver is the development of the UBC-Broadway Corridor, where PHIX will be located. PHIX will attract top scientific and health care talent to Vancouver and BC, and provide jobs and training opportunities.

Is there a connection between PHIX and the Academic Health Sciences Centre?

PHIX will draw strength from collaboration and its role as an integrated and critical component of BC’s health care research and delivery systems. The Academic Health Sciences Centre (AHSC) at the University of British Columbia will identify and advance clear areas of focused research excellence such as cancer, ageing, and brain health. PHIX will be a translational engine of the AHSC, creating an environment for the translation of early-stage discovery into practice. Together, PHIX and AHSC will create a more collaborative research environment where innovations are evaluated and implemented within the health care system.

Is PHIX Vancouver’s answer to the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto?

There are similar strategies between PHIX and MaRS to accelerate innovations and commercialization. MaRS focuses its work on Information & Communications Technology , Cleantech, and Health; PHIX will focus exclusively on life sciences and health care innovations, taking advantage of its clinical health care location on the Vancouver General Hospital campus. While MaRS is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow companies, PHIX will seek to strengthen collaborations among researchers, clinicians, health administrators, industry and the public to accelerate the implementation of innovations.

A more innovative health care system can start now.