Collaborations that make a real difference

We see an opportunity to bring experts together under one roof, and spark true change not just for health care in British Columbia, but for the world.

These are the initiatives we’ll be tackling:


The main portions of the space will be used for cutting edge research, as the new home for Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.

Industry & entrepreneurs

Healthcare technologists need a place to design, build and test, in a setting where research and patient care actually takes place. PHIX will be that new home.

Clinical trials

Any new treatments innovations require rigorous testing and patient involvement. This building will be able to be the host centre for many clinical trials.

Public engagement

Whether through debates or lectures, the public needs the opportunity to engage with research. Through spaces designed for deliberate dialogue and serendipitous encounters, the new project will focus on public engagement.

Examples of specific projects:

A more innovative health care system can start now.