Telehealth for Emergency-Community Continuity of Care Connectivity via Home-Telemonitoring (TEC4Home) evaluates the effectiveness and value of home telemonitoring for patients transitioning from the emergency department to community care at home.  Using remote sensors, patients can monitor their health from the comfort of their homes and share information electronically with their physicians and health care providers. Home health monitoring technology presents an important opportunity to reduce hospital stay and readmissions, particularly for patients with chronic conditions.

Technology holds great potential to improve the quality of health care delivery

The use of remote patient monitoring has been widely adopted by health care providers to facilitate the early identification of disease exacerbation, particularly for patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure. TEC4Home uses remote sensors to monitor weight, blood pressure, oxygen level and heart rate of seniors with heart failure as they transition from the emergency department to home. The use of telehealth allows for regular tracking of patients’ health condition and disease progression as well as closer interaction with health care professionals.

Telehealth enables patients to partner with their family care givers and health professionals to effectively manage their health conditions at home.

Self-management and monitoring of chronic illnesses can ease the burden on health care resources and increase patient independence. This home telemonitoring system connects community- and hospital-based doctors and nurses to patients, especially those with heart failure or who have recently been treated in an emergency room — to ascertain how well patients are recovering.

Empowering patients to become active participants in health care

By bringing health researchers, clinicians and industry together, PHIX will allow telehealth innovations to be co-developed, tested by patients, evaluated for cost-effectiveness, and entrenched into routine health care service delivery. There will be test environments within PHIX that will support the evaluations and benefits testing of medical device for emerging eHealth and telehealth technologies, and for collecting feedback from patients, clinicians and the public on their utility. Using innovative health technologies to support heart failure patients will not only improve their health outcome, but also decrease patient and caregiver stress and reduce the burden of this disease to individuals and our society.